Saturday, April 26, 2014

‘India needs statesman, not salesman’

PATNA: Continuing his tirade against BJP's PM pick Narendra Modi, chief minister Nitish Kumar said the country needs a statesman, not a salesman or event manager.

In his latest Facebook post on Saturday, Nitish praised AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal for telling the people that he is contesting from Varanasi to defeat corrupt and communal forces. At least he has courage to speak truth and one can win by telling truth, he said.

On the other hand, Nitish said, BJP's PM candidate reached Varanasi and said he has been called by the Ganga. "If he has been called by the Ganga then about the sitting BJP MP (Murli Manohr Joshi), he will have to say that he has been driven out by the Ganga. Those who cheated Mahadev and Ram are now showing Ganga bhakti," he said, adding even minimum courtesy to invite Joshi for Modi's nomination filing was not shown.

Nitish said one, who is dreaming to become PM and wants to win Varanasi seat, has not a single word about a thousand years old Ganga-Jamuni tehzib in its manifesto. "One who cannot be fit in the history of Kashi, how Kashi will accept him. He leads a big procession without Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. Or, for him, even accompanying them is an appeasement?"

In his post, the CM said the Indian prime minister cannot wear just one colour. "The people should have faith that he has respect for all religion and this faith can be shown through Raj dharma and not merely by wearing different type of turbans, hats and caps of different regions," the CM posted. Hitting out at Rajnath Singh, he said he did not dare to take action against the BJP men who are issuing statement to break the country and instead seeking apology and dealing with religious leaders.
Source: TOI

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